Sunday, October 12, 2008

Datukship by Snowflake

I dapat 'Datuk' you...!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just today, if anyone of you came across news in Utusan, one Bollywood actor, non other than Shah Rukh Khan will be awarded Darjah Mulia Setia Melaka (DMSM) @ Datukship by the Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka, Tun Mohd. Khalil Yaakop in conjunction of his 70th birthday, tomorrow.

Since I am quite puzzled what Mr. Shah Rukh Khan has contributed in the historical State of Malacca, I, Snowflake binti Cornflake hereby would also like to give my utmost appreciation to my fellow blogger who even one occassion came to visit my blog, to carry a title, a Datukship.

1. YB Datuk YDiana (Looking at her avatar, I presume she is a Datin) ---> No Lah! hee hee..
2. YB Datuk Minahkaypoh (now known as Datuk Raina)
3. YB Datuk Cakapaje (I personally will call him Datuk Aje)
4. YB Datuk Shirzad (A quite prominent figure)
5. YB Datuk Hisham (His most concern is Oil)
6. YB Datuk Roslan (I presume he is a religious figure)
7. YB Datuk Katataknak (Now how do I adapt to this Datuk? Dia Nak ke, dia tak nak?)
8. YB Datuk Ronn (A well know writer)
9. YB Datuk Mogenalirico (He lives in Bahrain)
10. YB Ustaz Datuk Hashim (A very understanding ustaz)
11. YB Datuk Mahaguru58 (Well, do I have to elaborate?)No hard feeling guys.
Thank you


And I also hereby award Datuk Snowflake Binti Cornflake a Datukship from Kellogs Frosties...hahahaha!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Assassin

Ini macam aa...all hired killers kena resign oooo..